New County Agents

Meet the new UK CES Agents and Specialists who finished their orientation in September. (L to R) Front Row: Ivelin Denev, PSD; Dale Morgan, Office of Diversity; Joshua Jackson, Dept of Biosystems and Ag Eng; Second Row: Katie Jury, Hopkins 4-H; Sarah Sumpter, McCreary FCS; Morgan Hayes, Dept of Biosystems and Ag Eng; Carrie Derossett, Logan 4-H; Third Row: Amy Fugate, McCreary FCS/4-H; Heather Cheek, Mason FCS; Natasha Robinson, Whitley 4-H; Lawrence Caudle, Powell ANR Agent-at-Large

Internships with Extension

Extension Interns have begun their work for the summer. Learn more about Extension Internships with UK!

County Review

When is your County's next review? Check out the pre-review resources if your County will be reviewed this summer.

Welcome to the home page for Personnel information for the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service!  In this section of the Program & Staff Development website, you will find helpful information for the entire employment life cycle of a County Extension Agent.  From considering a career with Extension, to Orientation, to developing your skills while on the job, you can find it all here!  The Personnel Department works hard to provide programs and resources for you to be successful in your career in Cooperative Extension!

Learn more about our internship program.

Learn more about “How We Develop You.”

Click the links across the top to find out more about some of the broad programs we offer to enhance your career with Cooperative Extension.  On the left hand side, you will find topics that are frequently asked about during your time as a County Agent from starting your career with Extension to fine tuning your skills to be a better resource for your community!