Jeff Young, CES Director of County Operations

Stacy Miller, Director of Extension Human Resources

Mia Farrell, HR Specialist



New Kentucky Cooperative Extention Agents, Fall 2014 Orientation (Left to right) Jessica Cole, Morgan Orange, Allie Druin, Paul Dengel, Jeremiah Johnson, Emily Keith and Julia Branstetter pose with Martha Thompson (front).

The Personnel Department is part of the Program and Staff Development (PSD) Unit and is a resource to assist provide employees with resources to ensure a successful employment experience with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.  In order to achieve this goal, the Personnel Department is in charge of creating, implementing, and maintaining programs that recruit and retain talented individuals who are responsible for delivering the mission of Extension throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  From recruitment to orientation to mentorship, the Personnel department is committed to providing employees with programmatic linkages to be successful in their roles.  

The Personnel Department also provides critical oversight to compliance related aspects of Extension such as County Program Reviews and Policies and Procedures. Policies and Procedures provide a much needed framework and structure to everything that we do in Extension. The County Program Review is the means by which we ensure that we remain accountable to the people we serve: Kentucky citizens.

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